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Wild Almond - Brabejum

Wild Almond - Brabejum stellatifolium  
Wild Almond - Photo: NBI Collection Habit: A tall sprawling tree to 8m tall
Fire survival: A stem resprouter
Sexual system: Both sexes in each flower
Flowers: December - January
Pollinator: Insects
Fruit: Released 2 months after flowering
Seed dispersal: Water
Seed storage: None, seeds are recalcitrant (cannot be stored). Seedlings must establish themselves before winter rains or else they are will be washed out to see
Rarity status: Not threatened. Dense riverine stands occur
Habitat: Riverine, 0-1000m
Distribution: Gifberg to Hottentots Holland to Klein River Moutnains, Cape Peninsula, Riviersonderend Mountains to Riversdale

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